Founded: 2012

Headquarters: One Perimeter Park South, Suite 100N, Birmingham, AL 35243

Goals for our website
This list has been created for us to create a mission statement. From time to time we will revisit it, until we have a mission statement.

Build a site with the user in mind
Do justice for soccer
Easy is best
You can get what you need from anywhere
SoccerPeace will make you feel good
There will always be more information out there
You can be serious with soccer while having fun
The Best just isn't good enough
The true sense of one stop shop

Our products and services
We provide a variety of services for people and businesses. Here's a glimpse at what we offer.

What we do for you?
Through you we use soccer to promote world peace. We are committed to demonstrate with our site, day in and day out, that soccer is the one worldwide sport that promotes world peace. We want you to use our site as a hub to get whatever out of soccer or put in whatever you want to make this place a better place.

What we do for businesses?
We build, affiliate, direct and or partner with companies to promote, show case, or sell products for them or us.

What we do for soccer?
Our goal over the next five years is to create a one stop shop for soccer. Whether you are shopping, searching, looking or just needing some help, we at SoccerPeace hope to eventually provide all of the answers.